NOTD: Turquoise & Cacos

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Not exactly my cup of tea. 

A look inside: April Birch Box & Review

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I love birchbox, and im so excited for next months! Heres a few pictures..

These reviews are my own opinion after a few uses, product descriptions may state different facts.

Heres a quick view of everything that came in this months birchbox. 

Liv Grn- natural Fragrance: A surprisingly fresh scent that I can see my self using! See my self buying a full size? Probably not! But its a nice little treat! 

Zoya Nail polish "Dove and Swatches: Read below 
Suki Face Facial Scrub : Read below 
Italian Chamomile Herbal Tea: I am still yet to try this tea.. 
Extra: Bloomin, Seed Paper  later this week I'm going to get a planters pot and plant this card, maybe I should post a few pictures? 

More pictures...

My Stack on Thursday!

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Im planning to only do stack posts on Saturdays, but since I failed to upload these photos this past saturday, I'm doing this post stack today!

Adorable Bow Bracelet and beaded bracelets are from Forever21
The "Golden Goose Bracelet" is from Jewelmint!

I love the lighting and the way the picture captured the texture of the bracelets!

Would you wear some of these pieces?
Show me your stack by tweeting me a picture! or leaving a picture comment!


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Now this is more like it!

I picked this polish up today and couldn't wait to paint my nails with this as soon as I got home! & Thats exactly what I did! New fave :D 

"Island Hopping" 

Did I mention I'm obsessed with essie nail polish! The color in the bottle is the exact color that goes on the nail! Scroll down to older post to see my review on Essie polish!

Would you wear it?


Trend To Try: Stacked Bracelets!

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Another spring trend love for me.. Bracelets!!

I just wanted to show you guys a couple of bracelets I'm loving lately. I dont currently own any of these YET but they are on the toget list!
Im going to start another series, "Saturday Stack" You may have seen something like this on (MissJenFabulous's) blog called " Sunday stack" I hate to copy, but I LOVE what she started:) so I've decided to do the same, she's a lot of inspiration for me! I'll be doing my first stack series on saturday!
Enjoy these cool pictures!

These 3 are all from Fossil. Look Familiar? It could be because these are very similar to Shashi Bracelets. They have such a bohemian feel because of the beads or diamonds mixed with coton cording, a whole new trend thats hitting big this summer :) love it! These are actually have the price, about $25-$38 Find them at Fossil!

Heres a Sashi Bracelet! Very cute, They run from about $60-$100 or more! 

Last but not least, is Gold and Silver Mix! This has never been one of my favorites but it seems to be trending. At least now I can pull anything out of my jewelry box silver or gold and throw it on right? haha. These two pieces are from Jewelmint, for just $29.99 a month! ( A subscription like website ) 
If you want, I can do a whole post on Jewel Mint, if your not sure what it is? Use code MINT4 for 50% off! :D 
I'm hoping to do a haul on jewelmint in a few short months once I collect more fabulous pieces! 

What kind of bracelets will you be rocking this spring/summer! 
Show me! 


Nail of the day!

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A new tradition I thought I'd add in to my blog post! I love these "NOTD" blog post so I thought you guy would too!
I've posted a couple nail blogs before but I want to start doing it more often! Not everyday but, often :)

So for the first NOTD, I thought in the spirit of the new OPI collection I painted my nails magenta pink/red. Which used to be my favorite color,but I haven't painted my nails pink,magenta, or red in years!

"Koala Bear-y" 
In daylight

Would you wear this color? 
tweet me a picture of your nailpolish today!

OPI Summer Collection

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I smell a trend.. PINK! Always a personal favorite! "Be A Dahlia Won't You?" Looks like its going to be my favore so far! 

Will you be picking up any of this polish? 

Color Blocking Fun!

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Color Blocking Fun!
Color Blocking Fun! by AntoTerese featuring a wing ring

I love this spring/summers color blocking trend! Although I love the nude, cognac, & black timeless trend, this is really stepping out of the box. I feel like this is bringing back a piece of the 90's! Like the Fresh Prince era? I love that :D These are just a few pieces I found especially cute! The jewelry is so eye catching! What spring trend will you participating in?

Some of my March Faves

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These Items are just makeup items that I've been loving this month! I also filmed a tutorial yesterday with the majority of these products, which I will post once I'm done editing :)
Links are provided with each picture.

A chrome,brown type crease color, " centre stage " A frost finish. 

This mascara has never been one of my fave's until this past month, and now I really love it. Its wond is sort of rubber like, and a intense black creamy formula. The wond makes it extremely to coat all of your lashes! Big A++ for this products. Retails for about $24.50 - $28.00 

Mac's Fluid liner in Macro Violet. Perfect for a spring/summer eyeliner when your trying to keep your eye looks light! $15.00

One of my new faveeeorite lipsticks :D " Up the Amp
As you can see, it has a purple undertone, with a magenta like finish. This is a Amplified finish according to Mac. These lipstick retail for $14.50

The second swatch is a lipgloss from the Mac and Peacocky Collection (limited addition) 
I love the opaque nude lipgloss! If your interested I can find you a dup? 
Its called " Woo Me " 

This is also a limited addition Laure Mercier pallet. I love the purple and cream shadows in the middle! Such a great summer pallet! $48.00 and is still available at!! 

Creme blush in Posey, if you have been following my blog for sometime, you have already sen this. Left swatch is more pigmented, and right swatch is blended in like it would be on the cheek! Yet again, great for summer! $19.50

A huge huge plus for my makeup collection, its a Dior finishing powder. Almost completely translucent. This is in color 002 but you should get color 003 ( or 300, I forget how there numbered)  if your my skin tone or dark, this 002/200 is to light for me. 

This is just a miss popularity highlighter that I use in the tear duct of my eyes. This has an instant brightening affect. 
* I cant find the last two products on Sephora to provide links or prices, sorry if this is an inconvenience.

Are you going to go get any of these products before they sell out? 
Post in the comments what some of your march fave's are! 

Thanks for reading 

Review of Esse Nail Polish, FT First Base Base coat.

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I recently picked up 3 Esse Nail polishes earlier this week! Prices range from $5.00-$10.00 depending on where you purchase it from.

Heres a picture of my nails today, I absolutely love this nude color! This color is from the most recent spring collection called "Topless & Barefoot" Pastells are so in for spring of course. Now on to the Pros and cons of the nail polish..

I've noticed with my first color I wore last week "nice is nice", a lilac-y pastell color, had a very sheer and water fluid, I applied a total of 3 coats, and by the 3rd coat it was looking a tad bit clumpy. Its seems to be very watery and un-pigmented on the first coat, unlike OPI nail polish. I noticed with all the nail polish I've used from esse this week has a very uneven consistency, making it difficult for me to apply multiple coats. The "Topless & Barefoot" polish I applied roughly ten mins ago was a bit thicker then the "nice is nice" polish I used last week. Although these may all sound like negative things I'm so pleased with the outcome!

A huge PLUS w/ this polish: after applied 3 or more coats the polish doesn't loose its original color. The color consistency stays the same & gets more opaque! I've noticed with OPI the color will get a lot darker & after I've finished my nails with OPI that wasn't the color I originally wanted!

I give the polish a grade A! Although I've listed quite a few negative things about this polish I can say I will be using/purchasing a lot more Esse nail polish then OPI! Sorry OpI I have found a new favorite <3

One last thing before I go! 
I have never been a fan of using a bottom coat, mostly out of laziness! lol I decided to pick up this bottom coat by esse with my nail polishes called " First Base, Base Coat"

I'm extactic about the outcome and how long my nails truly last with this bottom coat! I used to have to redo my nails or touch up the polish ever 1 to 2 days after my nails have been painted, but not with this base coat!! I now can go about 5-7 days without having to touch my nails! Success!

Hope you enjoyed!
Be sure to find me on twitter for more quick tips!
Stay gorgeous ;)
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