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So unfortunately I have no pictures for you :( I'm going to keep this post short and sweet since Its already kind of boring anyway!

Kind Fruit & Nut bar: Gross! hha! just kidding, it was okay, not something I would ever buy on my way out of Star Bucks but hey, it wasnt bad. I never finished it though if that tells ya anything!

Guava Little Shower Gel by Kohrs: They were not kidding when they said " luscious fragrance" It smells amazing! I actually really like this shower gel! Its get nice and soapy just how I like it!

RedKin Shine Flash: So if you watched my video you know I was all extra excited about using this! well it was kind of a dud, never really lived up to what it said it did! It smells more then it does anything, like toxic fumes with a hit of orange! yuckk

Philosophy Facial Cleanser: I tried this once, was alright but not better then my dior cleanser! It didnt lather that well.

Pur Mineral Makeup: Let me be honest with you, i'm yet to try this, and I honestly have no intrest in it, so who knows if I ever will :)

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