Follow up: Birchbox June!

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Deborah Lippman Finger Mitts: So these mitts claims that one mitt removed lacquer from all ten fingers- negative! I can say its possibly because I had red nail polish on, and we can all agree thats the hardest polish to remove! Also, if your a Seche Vite lover like me its difficult to remove any polish in general because Vite is so thick! I can say the actual remover is fantastic! When I first started removing polish on my left hand it was amazing,and it came right off which is rare with the cheaper finger nail polish that I buy, I usually literally scrub at my fingers! lol I really like these,and Im considering buying these with my birchbox points! 

Laura Geller Cheek Highlighter: Im yet to really give this product another go again! I tried it on once when I first received birchbox, my only complaint was how fair the highlight was, it seems a little over kill on she shimmer. Before I tell you my final thought on this, im going to try it again!   

Pangea Organics Facial Toner: This smells amazing! I love love love toners even tho I dont notice a HUGE diff with my skin. Its still oily throughout the day :/ However Its so refreshing to spray this fresh grassy and orangy smell in the mornig! 

Oscar Blandi Hair Serum: Im a big fan of hair serums, anything that will help my hair feel soft and nourished! I used the serum before I blowed dried my hair as a heat protectant. I do still love my Morrocan Oil better, but it was great trying this product out! 

Thanks for reading and Following Everyone :) 

xox -anto 


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