My favorite New Eyeliner!


My new fave Liner!
I have recently stored my Bobbi Brown Black gel liner to the back of my "eye makeup" Basket.I've traded it in for Mac's Rapid Black, Penultimate Eye Liner (Liquid) Thats quite the mouth full! This item was featured in my April Faves if you want to hear more about it and see a live swatch! 

Heres more info and unedited photos of the liner! 

The pointy felt tip applicator makes it a breeze to apply eyeliner with! I love gel liners, but I have been wanting to try a felt tip liner for the longest time. When I saw this at the Mac counter I jumped at getting it right away! 

My first reaction was more negative, but after using it for a few weeks, I love it! I wish I was a little more smudge proof, but I dont ever touch my eyes, so its not a huge problem. This eyeliner is also NOT waterproof for those of your WP lovers :D The link to find this liners is below! 

Click here to find this Rapid Liner 


  1. The liner looks great, but those lashes are really popping! Xo

  2. For months now I have been trying to do wing eyes, I suck at it...Maybe I need to practice more. Love your wing eyes! & can you be any more gorgeous?

    xo $ARMIN


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