Birchbox Review: May

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Hey guys! Just wanted to update you on how everthing on this months birchbox worked out! 

  • So the Bulgari Noir Jasmin Noir sample will probably never get used, I gave it to my mom, which will prol go in her stash of samples.. tisk tisk 
  • The Apchipelago Soap I have actually used, and nearly all of it! Sadly, nothing special though that I noticed. The smell didn't last after the shower, and my skin didn't feel ordinarily soft so in my eyes its not worth paying for a full size. 
  • Now on a better note the Ahava hand cream is LOVE! It literally feels like moisturizing with water! My hands dont feel overly creamy, they just feel really really soft and I can still grip a magazine, if you know what I mean? 
  • Lastly the Stila  single eyeshadow would have been an AWESOME BB products if the color was different! Although it makes an awesome highlight color on me its not something I'm reaching for everyday! The texture is smooth and velvet like which is awesome, I'm just a bit jealous of other ppls colors.. and I hate being jealous :( At least it was full size right? 

Over all.. This BB was half and half. I love the hand cream but in other words Im not ecstatic by any means about what I got! I say its half and half because the full size Stila  eye shadow is a major steal! Im going to continue my subscription with Birchbox in hopes that I will love my future BB's! I have all hope in you birchbox :)  I have seen others and loved them, so im sure the next will be a hit! I do have to say it is like Christmas every month, so its a lot fun! 

If you want to know exactly what Birchbox <-- is click this to take you to the website to find out more! 

Btw: This is only my 2nd BB and I'm also going to fill out reviews today to gain loyalty points! 

Are you going to sign up? If you have already what have you already gotten!? 

- xox anto!

Heres my Video on it!


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