A look inside: April Birch Box & Review

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I love birchbox, and im so excited for next months! Heres a few pictures..

These reviews are my own opinion after a few uses, product descriptions may state different facts.

Heres a quick view of everything that came in this months birchbox. 

Liv Grn- natural Fragrance: A surprisingly fresh scent that I can see my self using! See my self buying a full size? Probably not! But its a nice little treat! 

Zoya Nail polish "Dove and Swatches: Read below 
Suki Face Facial Scrub : Read below 
Italian Chamomile Herbal Tea: I am still yet to try this tea.. 
Extra: Bloomin, Seed Paper  later this week I'm going to get a planters pot and plant this card, maybe I should post a few pictures? 

More pictures...

Zoya Nail polish "Dove and Swatches: A little contradicting of birch box to send a "Green Friendly box of products, but send me a plastic foldout and Swatches. Green? You shoose..  Anywho, the grey, vegan friendly, nail polish is a great addition to my polish collection since I dont own a color like that. It was also nice to try Zoya polish since I have heard so much about it! It worked well, but not ordinarily special. Essie is still my fave :) 

Suki Facial Wash: A thick, non harsh foaming facial scrub. ( mouth full ) This facial wash, is not targeted to by an exfoliant ( that i know of according to birchbox, I could be wrong) But it obviously will  scuff off dead skin cells, which is always a plus.  As soon as I applied some of this wash on my face it instantly turned into a white consistency and spread easily throughout the face. It didn't foam as much as I thought it would once I added water. Perhaps I need to try this cleanser again. Once I rinsed off the cleanser my skin felt... soft but it could get better. lol I love my Dior Gentle Exfoliant much better! ( Feel free to ask Q's about this ) If you have super sensitive skin I would NOT recommend this to you! 
I give this product a B: in other words its okay. 

Thanks for reading :D always feel free to ask questions! 
Birchbox is only $10.00 a month btw!! 
*websites are linked in mint blue. 

watch my birchbox video! 


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