My Favorite Winter Drugstore Lipsticks 2015!

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I'll keep this post short and sweet and let the photos speak for themselves. When it comes to lip products, I like to let the pictures/lip swatches do the talking! Provided are the names and links bellow each picture. Without further adieu, read on to see whats on the roster (in no particular order)... 

What's in my: Winter Skin Arsenal

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        Feeling extremely dry during these harsh winter weather conditions? Have no fear, I'm sharing with you my favorite products that help me beat my parched winter skin! As the temp continues to drop, the moisture is sucked out of the air and unfortunately, that means our skin and hair take a major beating! 

        Not to worry! With these products, you'll win the war against dry winter skin! These are the products I keep in my skincare arsenal to keep my skin fresh and hydrated even in the driest months! From lips, toes to elbows, I got you covered! Read on... 

The Very Last, Last Min Gift Guide

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Alright so, you waited last minute again? After you swore you'd plan ahead and be more organized this time! It's okay, we've all been there. But it's not too late! Here's a small and easy gift guide for you last minute shoppers!

Winter Makeup Menu

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As the gloomy and driest months approach I've decided to switch up some of the products I use in my daily beauty routine. I thought it deserved an announcement as I am loving this routine! 

I'm Moving! ● Living Room Mood Board

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Two days ago I received probably the most exciting phone call of the year; I'm moving! I've been looking at apartments for almost a year now and finally found one that I absolutely love! In light of all the excitement, along with the fact that I have about 4 short weeks to pull it together, I'm eager to start the decorating process! & I'm taking you all along for the ride! I pretty much have to start fresh; With the exception of a few previously owned pieces (DIY here we come!) Here's a mood board I've created to help organize and bring my living room vision to life!

To be continued...
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